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Contact Lenses 

EyeStyle Centre have been accredited as an Acuvue 'Centre of Excellence'. We are fully qualified to advise, test and fit contact lenses. 
We’re also here to offer you the full support and backup you’d expect from a Johnson & Johnson Centre of Excellence. 
For some people, contact lenses can make a real difference to their life. They offer clear vision, comfort and convenience. 
If you are considering contact lenses, you might find it helpful to seek one-to-one advice from one of our fully trained Opticians. 

Your initial consultation fee will include:  

Lifestyle discussion 
so that we can help you identify what lenses are best for you 
Contact Lens Fitting 
so that we can ensure your lenses fit you comfortably 
A trial period of your contact lens choice 
so that you can try them and make sure you’re happy with them 

New to contact lenses?  

Hard lenses or soft? Daily disposable or reusable? With so many different types of contact lenses available how do you choose? We help you understand the different types available. Almost everyone can wear contact lenses. 
Most contact lenses today are soft lenses or ‘hydrophilic lenses’ which means they are made of water (this is how they stay soft). Soft lenses are extremely thin and made from materials that allow oxygen to pass through them to the eye. Today’s advances in contact lens technology have virtually eliminated the earlier hard lenses. 

New EyeStyle Centre dry eye clinic 

This specialist clinic has been introduced to deal with the widespread problem of 'Dry Eye'. Discomfort, Foreign body sensation, Redness, Fatigue, Uncomfortable Contact Lenses. If you feel you may have Dry Eye, call our ocular hygienist to discuss your symptoms. 

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Your moods change from day to day 

Now you can change your eye colour to match. FreshLook® ONE-DAY coloured contact lenses are daily disposable lenses; no cleaning, no hassle, no lens care. Just put in a fresh pair every morning and throw them away at night. What could be easier? 

Contact Lenses for Children 

At EyeStyle Centre we are able to supply children with contact lenses. This perfect for sports or the image conscious teen. There are often occasions when contact lenses would be a benefit for children, PE at school, other sports activities, social events and for the slightly clumsy, putting a stop to getting spectacles repaired or replaced as often. 
It is a good idea to always have a pair of up to date spectacles even if contact lenses are worn the majority of the time. This is in case of eye infections or just giving the surface of eye a rest from wearing contact lenses. To fully assess your eye health and potential suitability for contact lenses, a current eye examination is required which should have been carried out within the last 12 months. If you haven’t had a test within this time frame, EyeStyle will gladly arrange a separate eye test 
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